Construction Garbage in Growing Communities

Growth is great but it sure brings challenges, especially on windy spring days!  Homebuilders are required to contain any of the construction garbage created from building new  homes in a cage or large garbage container on site. Most homes under construction have large wire cages in front to containing garbage , and sometimes two homebuilders share large mesh cages and keep on one property.  In addition, it is important to note that the developers of Waverley West  (Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation and Ladco Co. Ltd) are also responsible to keep the neighbourhoods free of construction garbage. But even with two organizations focused on keeping construction garbage contained, in a growing community, it is inevitable that some garbage is always blowing around. I’ve been working closely with both organizations to keep roving garbage to a minimum. Resident groups have been calling also to keep me informed.

If you see a buildup of garbage anywhere, especially in forests, or along the pathways or ponds, please take some photos and email to me and I will work to have cleaned up. I know this can be frustrating, but please know there are many people are very aware of the issues living in an active construction zone, and that we are doing the best to keep things clean.

I’d also like to send HUGE THANKS to ALL THE VOLUNTEERS  who came out from Bridgwater Forest, Lakes and Trails and participated in each neighbourhoods Spring Clean Up, and to the sponsors who motivated us with sugar donuts, cookies and treats. Thank you for giving your time to beautify our neighbourhoods.