Determining Locations of On Street Parking – Creekside Rd.

It appears the Public Works department does not have a formal process in place –  in new developments –  to determine which side of the street parking should be installed on!  Or a process to follow when residents want to switch the side of street the parking goes on. There are many things to consider when determining which side of the street parking should go:

  • Driveways (impacting garbage pickup)
  • Sidewalks (accessing for snow removal)
  • Fire hydrants
  • Mail boxes
  • The list goes on!

I have made a request for Public Works for formalize a process to determine which side parking should be placed on, and a process to follow if residents want to switch the side parking is on.  See Determining locations of on street parking

This request will works its way through the system but in the meantime please know:

  • I am currently working directly with Public Works to determine the number of parking spots on both sides of Creekside Rd
  • I will be sending out a flyer to all residents on Creekside Rd to ask for feedback – in the coming weeks
  • If it is determined the  majority of residents want to change parking sides, I’d like to see this occur before winter

If you have further questions, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me