2019 Update – Drainage Upgrades in Bridgwater Lakes

My office has been receiving many calls on when the drainage project behind Lake Bend Road, Red Spruce Road, Bridge Lake Drive and Sablewood Road will be completed. I’d like to provide some background information:

The handing off of maintenance responsibilities of a new development from the developer to the City can sometimes be challenging, confusing and frustrating!  Often residents are not aware that in a new development, the developer is tied by contract to deliver a ‘product/item’ to a specified standard. Before the City takes responsibility from the developer, the City ensures the ‘product/item’ is constructed at the specified standard set out in the initial contract. It can be confusing some times for residents (and Councillors) to know who is responsible for what in a new development because hand off of products/item can occur over years! Such is the case in the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater. Many aspects of the development have been taken over by the city (boulevards, round abouts, play structures in some areas, pathways, sidewalks, etc) but other products / items are still under the maintenance responsibility of Manitoba Housing Renewal Corporation (soccer fields in Forest and Lakes, play structures in Trails, fountain in Trails, etc.)

The City of Winnipeg requires Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation to make adjustments to the drainage system before the City will take on maintenance responsibilities.  Many of  you  may have noticed the drainage was washing away the pathways in certain locations.  Manitoba Housing & Renewal Corporation started to make improvements to the drainage project last year, and will be completing the project this spring. I am fielding calls from residents, but for specific details, would suggest you contact:

Dwayne Rewniak, MCIP, RPP

Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, Housing Delivery & Land Development

Manitoba Housing / Department of Families

Email: Dwayne.Rewniak@gov.mb.ca

Original Post June 15, 2018

As part of their development agreement, Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation (MHRC) hired a contractor to work on drainage improvements behind homes and along pathways. My office has been told they expect these improvements to take approximately 4-6 weeks depending on weather conditions. The map identifies the areas where drainage improvements will be occurring. The work is located behind these streets, alongside pathways. Pathway access may be blocked at times:

  • Lake Bend Road
  • Red Spruce Road
  • Bridge Lake Drive
  • Sablewood Road

If you have any questions, please Contact MHRC directly. My office is not aware of specific details other than locations and estimate timeframe.