Notification To Homeowners Backing Onto ‘Visitable’ Pathways

My office was informed that Manitoba Housing is hand delivering letters (August 16th, 2019) to all homes in Bridgwater Lakes and Bridgwater Trails whose back yard – backs onto the ‘visitable’ pathway network ( identified in BLUE in the image below). Homeowners are now responsible to mow the grass along their lots – on the other side of the fence. This is new news to me. Until this point, Manitoba Housing has been mowing, but we are now informed it is the responsibility of the homeowners.

If you have questions, please contact Manitoba Housing.

Text from the letter being delivered today:

Dear Homeowner,

Re:      Rear Walkway Turf Maintenance

Manitoba Housing, as Developer of the Bridgwater Neighbourhoods, is required as outlined in Schedule “C” (Special Terms), Section 24viii of Development Agreement AG 4/10 between Manitoba Housing and the City of Winnipeg, to provide the homeowner with notice of the following:

“In the event the 6.25-m-wide rear yard rights-of-way associated with visitable housing are to be developed as public walkways (the “walkways”), the Developer shall ensure that the owner of each property which backs onto the walkways is responsible for the maintenance of the turf in the portion of the walkways against which that property abuts, to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Works, as governed by the this Agreement, or caveat, or City by-law”.

As per the above condition, please ensure you are taking proper action to maintain the turf area between the rear public walkway and the fence at your back property line.  Grass must be cut as often as needed to control weeds and to ensure it is not longer than 15cm (6 inches).

Note that homeowners must not under any circumstances alter the grade of the rights-of-way swale.

Dwayne Rewniak, MCIP, RPP

Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives, Housing Delivery & Land Development

Manitoba Housing / Department of Families