Bison Pointe III Apartments

Bison Pointe III apartments are located on the south side of Bison Drive between Barnes Street and Pembina Highway in the Fairfield Park neighbourhood. The development includes a six-storey  multifamily apartment building encompassing 69 dwelling units to the south of the previous seven-storey multi-family apartment building. The building is comprised of one (1) bedroom units and each unit has a balcony.

The developer has provided a total of 195 parking spaces. Fifty-eight of these parking stalls are surface parking stalls and 137 of the parking stalls are located underground in the seven-storey building. There are also 6 bike parking stalls near the main entrance of the six-storey building as well as an indoor bicycle storage room on the ground floor. A connection to the multi-use path is has been provided at the south east corner of the building.

For more details, see 30 Bison Drive