Community Tours New Southeast Collegiate

We’ve all been watching the construction of the new Southeast Collegiate on Lee Boulevard and I thought it would be great if the community could have a sneak peak inside the Collegiate before the official opening in Fall of 2018. I reached out to the amazing staff and asked if we could jointly host an Open House. They welcomed the opportunity and we started planning the evening.  I worked with staff and students to deliver flyers to the surrounding community, and the staff organized the Open House activities. We all had a great time going off in groups and delivering the invitations to houses in the surrounding area. A week later the Collegiate hosted an open house with refreshments baked in their beautiful cafeteria! Many community members came out to tour the school and learn more about the programs offered and to meet the graduating students at Southeast Collegiate. Over 100 students attend the Collegiate and call the school home for 10 months of the year. I look forward to jointly hosting another evening in the coming year with the new students and community members. Knowing your neighbours helps strengthen the community.