Kirkbridge Park Upgrades

Kirkbridge Park receives $345,000 investment in park upgrades

Very exciting to see this three year project become a reality! I’ve worked with the Richmond West Neighbourhood Association and area residents to identify and prioritize upgrades. Community parks play a very important role in connecting people to their neighbours and communities. Kirkbridge Park has a long and rich history in the Richmond West neighbourhood I’m very pleased to have been able to fund $345,000 worth of upgrades, and are planning to invest an additional $50,000 in the coming year.

  • Upgrading Asphalt Pathway:  A new, wider pathway has been constructed..
  • Distance Markers:  Kilometer distance markers have been installed along the pathway, enabling pathway users to measure the length of their walks.
  • Accessible Benches (with arm rests):  Four benches have been installed along the pathway system.
  • Park Signage:  Two new ‘Kirkbridge Park’ signs have been installed, replacing the old signs
  • Tree Plantings:  Trees have been planted near the seating areas
  • Two Seasonal Washrooms:  Councillor is providing support funding for two seasonal washrooms – June
  • Baseball diamond fencing:   A 4’ all-season fence has been installed around the perimeter of the baseball diamond with three access points so folks can pass through when the diamond is not in use.
  • Shade Structure: Now completed with benches

I have also committed funding to supporting additional benches, picnic tables and $40,000 towards playstructure upgrades. I look forward to working with community on this next phase.