Restricting Through-Traffic on Lee Boulevard

In the first phase of development in Waverley West B – North Town Road will be extended south to Lee Blvd. North Town Road will collect traffic from the two new schools, and direct the traffic onto an upgraded section of Lee Blvd (west of Waverley). See image of new roads below. A set of traffic lights will be installed at Lee and Waverley, and traffic will continue either north or south on Waverley – OR will travel east on Lee Blvd, through the residential neighbourhood of Fairfield Park. Traffic will use this section of Lee Blvd to access Superstore.

The east of Waverley section of Lee Blvd in Fairfield park is an extremely busy street already as it acts as the main ‘east-west’ connection for residents in the newer neighbourhoods of Waverley West. This section of Lee Blvd. has had extensive traffic calming infrastructure installed, new three-way stop signs installed and is a main corridor for the new rapid transit corridor, allowing upwards of 75 buses a day to travel on Lee Blvd. Residents are very concerned that the opening of a new development in Waverley West B will see even more traffic put onto Lee Blvd (east of Waverley)

On March 3, 2020, I moved a motion directing the Winnipeg Public Service to report back on the possibility of restricting through-traffic on the east side Lee Boulevard until such time as the intersection of Bison Drive and Waverley Street is completed.

See Motion: This page will be updated with the report’s recommendation when the report is published. I expect this study to take at least a year.