The Fairfield Apartments

This development is located on the west side of Barnes Street, between Bison Drive and Lee Boulevard, in the Fairfield Park Neighbourhood of the Waverley West Ward. A one-storey church building is currently located on the site and will remain.  The existing property at 50 Barnes will be subdivided into two (2) lots. The developer will keep the existing church building and maintain it as a place of worship use. Lot 2 will have a five storey multi-family dwelling containing a total of 68 dwelling units. The proposed 68 dwelling units are intended to be apartment units, which will be a mix of one- and two-bedroom units.

Lot 1 will have a total of 82 parking stalls for the place of worship use. Lot 2 will have a total of 69  parking stalls for the multi-family development. Of these proposed 69 parking stalls, 49 stalls are to be located underground, beneath the proposed building. The remaining 20parking stalls are to be located in a surface parking area on the north side of the proposed building. In addition to vehicle parking, the developer will  provide 79 bicycle parking stalls.  There will be a total of 33 trees and 236 shrubs planted on the site.

For more details see 50 Barnes