Traffic Study – Keslar Road

Residents were contacting me asking for improved safety and traffic calming measures on Keslar Road. Many new homes and apartments had been constructed on Lee Blvd. There is a playstructure and park located on Keslar, and many children and families were now using these facilities. Also, a new Montessori school moved into the Southlands Community Church, again increasing children in the area. Residents felt the street could be made safer either through traffic calming or other means.

On June 5, 2018, I moved a motion to have the Winnipeg Public Service conduct a traffic study to determine if traffic calming measures for Keslar Road, and a three-way stop sign at Keslar Road and Langley Bay were warranted.

On April 2, 2019, the Public Service reported back (see Full report):

Results suggest that traffic calming measures should be considered for the north segment of Keslar Road due to elevated speeds. Traffic calming measures are not warranted on the south segment of Keslar Road, as the traffic study found there to be good compliance with the 50 km/h speed limit. Two speed tables are recommended for Keslar Road near the Southlands Community Church. All-way stop control is recommended for the intersection of Keslar Road and Lee Boulevard as the warrant was met.

  1. That two speed tables on Keslar Road between Wayfield Drive (north) and Wayfield Drive (south) be installed.
  2. That all-way stop control be installed at the intersection of Keslar Road and Lee Boulevard.
  3. That the Winnipeg Public Service investigate the need for a Reduced-Speed School Zone on Keslar Road due to the new Richmond Montessori Learning Centre that recently began operating out of Southlands Community Church, and if warranted, initiate a revision to the City of Winnipeg By-law 76/2014 – Reduced-Speed School Zones. A 30 km zone was then installed.