Traffic Study – Keslar Road

In June 2018, I moved a motion to have  the Winnipeg Public Service to conduct a traffic study to determine if the following are warranted:

  1. Traffic calming measures for Keslar Road.
  2. Three-way stop sign at Keslar Road and Langley Bay.
  3. Three-way stop sign at Keslar Road and Bairdmore Blvd., and report back to the Standing Committee within 180 days.

In April 2019, the Winnipeg Public Service recommended:

  1. That two speed tables on Keslar Road between Wayfield Drive (north) and Wayfield Drive (south) be installed.
  2. That an all-way (three way) stop control be installed at the intersection of Keslar Road and Lee Boulevard.
  3. That the Winnipeg Public Service investigate the need for a Reduced-Speed School Zone on Keslar Road due to the new Richmond Montessori Learning Centre that recently began operating out of Southlands Community Church, and if warranted, initiate a revision to the City of Winnipeg By-law 76/2014 – Reduced-Speed School Zones.

The intersections of Keslar Road with Langley Boulevard and Bairdmore Boulevard did not meet the warrant for all-way (three way) stop control – yet. I will ask the department to study again in 2020 as traffic volumes are increasing each year.

The speed tables will be installed in summer 2019, along with the three way stop at Keslar and Lee Blvd.

Please read full report HERE