Traffic Study – Lee Boulevard and Waverley Street

Residents contacted me because they were concerned about speeding on Lee Boulevard. Excessive development in the area, combined with residents from the apartments using Lee Blvd to exist vs Bison Rd seems to be resulting in much speeding on the entire length of Lee Blvd. On September 11, 2017, I moved a motion to have the Winnipeg Public Service conduct a traffic study along the length of Lee Boulevard to Waverley Street, to investigate suitable traffic calming devices and if controlled intersections are warranted.

On February 27, 2018, the Public Service recommended (see Full report):

  • The results of the Lee Boulevard speed study indicate that speeding is a problem on Lee Boulevard from Waverley Street to Raphael Street. Speed tables were installed on Lee between Rafael and Waverley.
  • A further study would be needed to assess if an all-way stop control is needed at Keslar Street and Lee Boulevard. An additional study was conducted on Keslar and Lee, and a three way stop sign control was installed.  SEE: Keslar three way stop
  • There was no traffic calming infrastructure applied to Lee Blvd between Barnes and Shore Street. As of spring 2020 residents were still contacting me about traffic volumes and speed in this section. I am requesting an additional study be conducted to look at how traffic calming can be applied in this section.