Addition to Credit Union Building – Kenaston and McGillivray

Another very interesting construction project will be starting up in the Waverley West ward on the corner of Kenaston and McGillivary. This is the site of current Steinbach Credit Union.

On December 2nd the Assiniboia Community Committee approved site plans for the construction of a new credit union building.

Steinbach Credit Union intends to construct their new building in a manner that will not significantly interrupt the credit union’s current day to day operation. The first two upper floors of the new building will be constructed ABOVE the existing building. The credit union will remain open during this construction of the two upper floors!

Once the new upper level building is completed, staff will move ‘upstairs’ and the old lower level will be demolished and a new building will be constructed with a connection to the top building.

This will be a fascinating architectural feat to watch!

The entire building , when complete, will be four storeys in height and the ground floor will contain a banking hall, including areas for tellers, a sitting area for customers, and a children’s play area. The remainder of the ground floor and the three upper floors will contain offices.

Longtime residents of the area will recall the original building was constructed and used by Kleyson Transport as a trucking hub, and when Steinbach Credit Union purchased the building from Kleyson, they modified the original trucking building to suit their credit union needs.

Now, Steinbach Credit Union will be constructing a brand new four story building on the same site for their operations!

Congratulation Steinbach Credit Union – your new building looks dazzling!