2025 Transit Expansion into Prairie Pointe

Transit will be expanding into Prairie Pointe in Fall of 2025. The Transit Service into Prairie Pointe report (and routing overview)  indicates an expansion MIGHT occur in 2024, but due to funding allocations and securing bus drivers make the reality for a Fall 2025 expansion.

In order to provide service to Prairie Point, Winnipeg Transit would cancel Route 693 Waverley Heights and replace it with Route 678 Markham Station – Prairie Pointe. Route 678 would introduce transit service to areas of the Prairie Pointe neighbourhood that do not currently have service and continue to provide service to most of the areas serviced by Route 693 (as shown in Appendix 1).

The estimated net cost of the service extension, for a full year of service, is estimated to be $551,100.  Due to current challenges with the recruitment of bus operators, the Public Service advises that this service not be introduced until at least September of 2025, and that if required resources are approved and implementation of the above changes are directed, Winnipeg Transit undertake a reassessment in the spring of 2025 as to whether it is feasible to introduce the service that year based on bus operator recruitment.