News About Eaglewood Park – Public Works Yard

I’ve received some interesting new information regarding the ‘proposed’ Eaglewood public works yards. As many of you know, I and others were not keen on having a public works yards in Eaglewood Park, but further discussions with the parks staff this winter brought some interesting options to light.

I will present in this posting, and then feel free to comment by sending an email to I will gather the comments over the week, summarize, then hold a Zoom meeting mid-June to further discuss.

The parks department informed me IF the public works yards proceeds as planned for construction in 2027,  these enhancements to Eaglewood Park could also occur:

 Public washrooms (2027):

  • Water will be brought in to the site and public washrooms will be installed.

 Toboggan Slide (2027):

  • With water on site, a wooden toboggan can be installed for winter use. (see attached image of toboggan slide)
  • This slide would be placed somewhere in the park – exact location to be determined.
  • The toboggan slide require water to ‘ice the slide’. The slides are often only located at community centers, or city facilities where there is access to water.

 Spray Pad Park (2027):

  • If residents want, we could install a spray pad park, because water and washrooms are on site.  (see proposed diagram of location)
  • A spray pad park will also be constructed at the new Recreation Campus site (~2024) , but the Eaglewood Park spray pad would be a ‘neighbourhood’ park vs a larger regional spray pad park.
  • I expect it would be the size of the existing one at the South Winnipeg Community Centre’s Waverley Heights site
  • IF residents wanted a spray pad park, I would start saving funding, and seeking Provincial and Federal support. Spray pad cost approx. $1 million.

 Volleyball Court (2022 or 2023)

  • I have funding to install a sand volleyball court this year (pending dryer weather – see proposed diagram of location)
  • The sand volleyball court would be similar to the one in Bridgwater Trails.
  • Volleyball courts are relatively inexpensive to construct  ($30,000 , and could be easily removed in 5 years for the installation of a spray pad park
  • Some people are interested in seeing a tennis/pickleball or basketball court installed, which is possible, but the cost to install either is around $250,000. If one of these were installed, it would be permanent and no spray pad would be installed.
  • We can also install a skating rink over the volleyball court for winter use.

In summary, I will say these are some interesting options to consider. Water and washrooms are the key to more amenities.

What do you think?

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