Prairie Pointe – Skating Rink Update

Some not so good news combined with good news!

I wanted to update residents on efforts to establish a skating rink in the Eaglewood Park. In new developments, the developer builds the parks, and maintains for a couple of years, then the City take on the responsibility of care and maintenance.

  • In fall of 2021 – the City took control of Eaglewood Park from the developer – Ladco.

Many residents have contacted my office – wanting to see a pleasure skating rink installed at Eaglewood Park, but that was not possible till the City took ownership of the park. The Parks department staff build pleasure skating rinks on grass, by banking snow and flooding on a regular basis. Now that the City has ownership,  I’ve had park staff out analyzing an area for the pleasure rink and there is a large challenge we’ve encountered.

Not so good news:

  • The rink can’t be placed on the flat soccer field at the west side of the park because it will impact all the grading work and sod that was installed specially for the soccer fields.
  • The land location that is available – just south of the playstructure – is on such an angle that the water would not set and would just drain into the middle of the field.

I thought the rink could be placed closer to the sidewalk where the ground is flatter – but after more analysis, it turns out the water truck needs 12 feet to drive all around the rink to flood it. So, we’ve come up with a solution but regrettably it won’t happen till next year.

Good news:

  • We will be purchasing a rink kit – with walls and liners – that can be constructed on grounds that are not level. (see image below) The Parks department  – who builds the rink – has two in operation in the City and state they work very well.
  • The order will be placed and a rink will be in place for winter 2022.
  • A new pleasure rink is now in operation close by – in Bridgwater Trails – at Bhaghat Singh Park.
  • There are many other skating rinks close by and open for public use – see complete listing with hours: Public Skating Rinks

So, it’s disappointing that a rink couldn’t be built this year, but we now have ownership of the land and will order a rink kit to have installed in winter 2022.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at