Southwest Corner of Waverley St. & Kenaston Blvd.

Council approved a subdivision & re-zoning at the southwest corner of Waverley St & Kenaston Blvd.  The landowner (Ladco) brought forward an application to sub divide and rezone the southwest corner of land at the intersection of Waverley & Kenaston – changing the use from commercial zoning to residential zoning.

This 28 acres of land, when rezoned will contain 152 residential lots, accommodating future apartment buildings, townhouses, duplexes, and houses. There is a national housing crisis & the committee supported this application to support the housing need. A transportation study was conducted. Noted in the transportation study was information informing the committee that residential zoning will result in lower volumes of traffic than would occur if the site remained commercial zoning.

As part of the rezoning – Ladco will be upgrading the West Waverley entrance lanes & also adding a pathway from the new Prairie Pointe park. The pathway will connect to the existing pathway north of the intersection.

See additional maps and the Subdivision & Rezoning Report.

UPDATE on Three Remaining Commercial Sites

Three remaining commercial lots are to be developed. The new Payworks headquarters is on one of the sites.  I met with representatives from Ladco for an update on when commercial development would occur & was told:

  • Two major (anchor) tenants are in the process of being secured via contracts for 2 of the commercial sites
  • Covid slowed down discussions as the future of retail was somewhat uncertain – but Ladco & potential tenants are continuing discussions & moving forward
  • The Payworks site will have a mid size tenant & multiple small commercial businesses

I know I & many others can’t wait to see commercial businesses go in – but I think we all understand why there has been a delay – as there has been a global pause on retail operations due to Covid shifting purchasing habits.

Ladco has assured me that commercial is coming – and it will be worth the wait. The city has no control or ability to move these discussions along  but I am confident Ladco is focused on having commercial move in as soon as possible.