2018-2022 Councillor Term Summary – Richmond West

This is a very very brief summary of key issues I’ve been working on specific to the Richmond West  neighbourhood, and initiatives that I look forward to working on. I am very thankful to have had the support of many many residents who’ve been also working to make our neighbourhoods safer, healthier and a great place to live and play! Thank you!


Neighbourhood Safety

  • Over the past four years, I’ve hosted multiple community events and produced videos on crime prevention, your role in crime prevention, what is happening in our neighbourhood and more.
  • To review many updates on crime, please go to www.JaniceLukes.ca and use the search engine and enter the word CRIME
  • The Waverley West ward is one of the safest areas of Winnipeg – but we still have crime. I will continue to host education events, and work with any groups of residents who want to develop a more detailed crime prevention plan for their neighbourhoods.



  • $100 million in funding has been secured for a new recreation center, to be located beside the new elementary and high school just south of Bridgwater Forest. Public consultations will start early November 2022.
  • After many years, the developer (Manitoba Housing) met all City requirements and now, Bridgwater Lakes park is under the ownership of the City of Winnipeg.
  • Plans are in place for a new cricket pitch to be installed, along with the mini and large soccer fields.


Kirkbridge and Keslar Parks

  • Kirkbridge Park is one of the busiest parks in the neighbourhood. I’ve upgraded the Marrington playstructure and plans are in the work to upgrade the Kirkbridge playstructure.
  • We installed a beautiful seating plaza, in partnership with Northeast Collegiate, Winnipeg’s Bangladesh community, and Pembina Trails School Division. More benches and trees will be planted around the area next year.
  • The shade structure continues to be a wonderful gathering place, and I am committing to finding funds, and working with the community to install a small permanent washroom on the site.
  • Benches were added to Keslar Park and we are analyzing the cost and installation of solar lighting to brighten the pathway system.
  • Many tree plantings have occurred in many of the parks and near ponds in Richmond West, and the goal is to continue adding trees to our public spaces.


Roads and Traffic Calming and Controls

  • Overall the roads are generally in good condition in Richmond West, with the focus being on traffic calming and traffic controls.
  • We still have not solved the traffic volumes on Hawstead, but the traffic engineers are considering two new traffic calming options that will be reviewed and discussed with residents.
  • Multiple stop signs throughout the neighbourhood have been installed, along with traffic calming speed tables on Marrington and Lee Blvd. I will continue to deal with traffic issues as they arise.