Hawstead Road – Engineer’s Recommendation

In 2019 residents of Hawstead reached out to me to look at the speed and traffic volumes on Hawstead Road. See details of the Hawstead Road Traffic Calming Pilot.

The City of Winnipeg conducted a pilot of one potential solution, which stimulated much discussion with area residents. Surveys, gathering of data and much work by the City engineers was compiled. Please see a summary:

Letter to Residents

Online Survey Results

Public Engagement Summary

The City of Winnipeg engineers have made a recommendation to constructing a sidewalk on the north side of Hawstead Road.  I am supportive of their recommendation.

  • While this option does not address shortcutting concerns, it does address safety concerns by separating pedestrians from motorists.
  • There is no simple solution that will appease everyone.

Going forward, I will be:

  • Working with the residents of Hawstead to determine if they want to proceed with a sidewalk.
  • If they want a sidewalk, I will request the public works department to prepare a cost estimate and the number of trees that would be impacted.
  • IF residents chose to proceed, I will provide $80,000 towards a sidewalk.

The No Left Turn restriction at Bairdmore Boulevard and Hawstead Road will be removed by May 2021.