Sandusky Drive Turning Lane

I continue to receive many calls about the back up of traffic on Sandusky Drive entering onto Waverley.  In 2016, I had the Public Service study the area and they produced a Sandusky Drive report. At that time the volume of traffic did not merit a northbound turning lane onto Waverley.

With the extensive growth and changing traffic patterns over the past 6 years, I brought forward another motion at the April Assiniboine Community Committee meeting requesting the Public Service to study the area again. I expect they will report back in 180 days (Nov 2022).


WHEREAS increasing density and development is occurring in the Waverley West Ward;

AND WHEREAS the traffic flow on Sandusky Drive is increasing and vehicles are backed up at times almost to Bairdmore Boulevard;

AND WHEREAS because of the buildup of traffic on Sandusky Drive, northbound traffic volumes are navigating the north bound turn onto Waverley during yellow and sometimes red lights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works be requested to direct the Winnipeg Public Service to conduct a traffic study to determine if either of the following is warranted, and report back to the Standing Committee: 1. The installation of a right turn signal for traffic turning northbound onto Waverley Street from Sandusky Drive. 2. The installation of a northbound turning lane on Sandusky Drive.