Sandusky Drive Turning Lane


We received the Sandusky and Waverley Intersection engineering report back on Sandusky June 8, 2023.  This is the second time (2016, 2022)  I’ve asked the engineering department to study the intersection of Sandusky and Waverley as we received many calls about vehicles lining up wanting to turn northbound on Waverley.

The city engineers state: Changing the geometry of the westbound approach is not warranted from a traffic operations or safety perspective, as the intersection is currently operating at LOS B and there are no trends in the collision history to indicate a safety problem.

Please see the diagram on page 12 – if the lane were to be widened, it would cost approx. $155,000 yet, according to engineers, this would not improve operations or safety.

I know this can be frustrating to hear as I see and experience those line ups.

I continue to receive many calls about the back up of traffic on Sandusky Drive entering onto Waverley.  In 2016, I had the Public Service study the area and they produced a Sandusky Drive report. At that time the volume of traffic did not merit a northbound turning lane onto Waverley.

With the extensive growth and changing traffic patterns over the past 6 years, I brought forward another motion at the April Assiniboine Community Committee meeting requesting the Public Service to study the area again. I expect they will report back in 180 days (Nov 2022).


WHEREAS increasing density and development is occurring in the Waverley West Ward;

AND WHEREAS the traffic flow on Sandusky Drive is increasing and vehicles are backed up at times almost to Bairdmore Boulevard;

AND WHEREAS because of the buildup of traffic on Sandusky Drive, northbound traffic volumes are navigating the north bound turn onto Waverley during yellow and sometimes red lights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works be requested to direct the Winnipeg Public Service to conduct a traffic study to determine if either of the following is warranted, and report back to the Standing Committee: 1. The installation of a right turn signal for traffic turning northbound onto Waverley Street from Sandusky Drive. 2. The installation of a northbound turning lane on Sandusky Drive.