Traffic Calming On Hawstead Rd

In early January 2019,  I met with Jane R. and a group of residents who live on Hawstead Rd. to discuss the history of the traffic volumes and current traffic volume conditions. Hawstead is a residential ‘cut through’ road for many people wanting to access either the major collector routes Kirkbridge Dr. or Bairdmore Rd. I came to learn that traffic volumes on Hawstead has been a long time concern of residents, and now, because of increased population in Waverley West area – there is even more traffic.

Following our January meeting – I moved a motion:

  • that the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works be requested to direct the Winnipeg Public Service to conduct a new speed study and traffic count along Hawstead Rd. between Bairdmore Boulevard and Kirkbridge Drive, and report back to the Standing Committee with recommendations for traffic calming infrastructure.


Following spring clean-up (mid June) I expect rubber ropes will be installed on Hawstead Rd to study speed and count traffic. The engineers will assess the volume and then make recommendations for traffic calming. I have told the department I would like to see ‘speed tables’ installed on the road – BUT I am no engineer and will await their report.  Speed tables are constructed of asphalt, are painted and signed. Speed tables physically change the street conditions, yet maintain a constant flow of traffic and encourage vehicles to slow down. I have had the Public Works department study and then ultimately install speed tables on:

  • Dalhousie Dr (by Ryerson School)
  • Kilkenny Dr
  • Silverstone Dr
  • Aldgate Rd
  • North Town Rd
  • Lee Blvd (they installed late fall and they didn’t adhere properly so they are re-installing this summer)

I know there was concern expressed at the meeting to just ‘do it’ – but – the City engineers must study the problem first, then provide a recommendation on the solution.

I will keep you updated as this study occurs.