Traffic Study – Keslar Road and Bairdmore Boulevard

With the growth in the new neighbourhoods in Waverley West (South Pointe, Prairie Pointe and the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater) many roads are taking on more volumes of traffic. Bairdmore and Keslar Rd’s have seen an increase in traffic volumes and residents have been contacting my office to see if an three-way stop sign could be installed.

A transportation study to determine if a three-way stop sign at Keslar Road and Bairdmore Blvd met criteria. This study was conducted in 2018, (See Report) and found “Traffic volumes at the intersection of Keslar Road and Bairdmore Boulevard are close to meeting the warrant for all-way stop control, however, since only 1,129 approach the intersection on the minor street during the highest eight-hour average weekday period, all-way stop control is not considered warranted at this time. The warrant requires that at least 1,600 vehicles approach from the minor street during the highest eight-hour average weekday period.”

The engineering department will wait two years to conduct another study. I have requested another study be conducted (See Motion) to see if now, two years later, a three-way stop meets the engineering criteria.  The department will be investigating. I anticipate this will take some time, as COVID-19 is having an impact on traffic patterns.

The department is expected to complete the study and report back on December 2021.