Funding Support For École South Pointe School Playstructure

I’m very pleased to have worked with École South Pointe School on a number of issues since the school’s opening and look forward to continuing to provide support!

  1. I met with Parent Council and Staff to discuss installation of traffic calming and signalization around the school and then worked with Public Works department to have traffic lights and traffic parking signage installed. See Traffic Lights
  2. We have the best network of biking and walking paths in the entire City. South Pointe school has over 120 children biking to school daily !  I jumped at the chance to partner with gym teacher Mr Speirs to support two bike clinics – which were so successful we held a third one so students and the community could have their bikes checked and tuned up for the summer biking season! See Bike Clinic
  3. I am working with the Parent Advisory Committee, Tim Sawatzky and Murray Dutka to assist in raising funds for a new playstructure on the school grounds. I attended the walk a thon fundraiser and was able to provide $25,000 in Councillor’s funding towards the structure.

There are incredible teachers, staff, students and parents supporting École South Pointe School and I am pleased to be able to offer support in a variety of ways.