Traffic Calming to Access Jinnah Park

January 2022 Update:

I am very pleased to announce that a pedestrian crosswalk will be installed crossing Tim Sale Drive at the path between Cattail Cove and Waterstone Drive, in front of Jinnah Park.

The motion (see below) I moved in 2020 to facilitate access to Jinnah Park was received as information by the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works. So in July 2021, I asked the department – through 311 – to review the case. I was recently notified that the pedestrian ground mounted crosswalk will be installed on the location marked on the above map. The crosswalk will feature black and white crosswalk signs, pavement markings and No Stopping regulations. The paint will be marked in the spring of 2022.

Tim Sale Drive is a main transportation corridor in South Pointe. And the community of South Pointe’s primary park, Jinnah Park is located on Tim Sale Drive. The main linear active transportation path for South Pointe also connects into Jinnah Park. And Ecole South Pointe School students and residents access this park via the main linear active transportation path for fitness and lunch breaks.

On September 9, 2020, I moved a motion directing the Winnipeg Public Service to conduct a traffic volume and speed study on Tim Sale drive in front of Jinnah Park to determine if speed tables are warranted to calm traffic at pedestrian access points.

On October 15, 2020, The Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works received the recommendation of the Assiniboia Community Committee as information.