Traffic Lights Being Installed by École South Pointe School

I’m very pleased to have worked with residents, École South Pointe School and the City of Winnipeg to enable the installation of traffic control signals (traffic lights) at the intersection of Waverley Street and Tim Sale Drive/John Angus Drive.  Approval for this project was provided by the City’s Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works Committee on June 27, 2017 (see Committee Report).

It was my understanding that the traffic lights were to be installed before the start of the 2017/2018 school term.   However, due to the tremendous amount of roadwork ($105 Million) occurring in Winnipeg in 2017, there has been a slight delay and the work will begin in October, 2017.

Mr, Escobar, P. Eng. Manager of Transportation for the City of Winnipeg, who previously attended a Parent Advisory Committee meeting at École South Pointe School indicated “we always try to do these installations before the start of the school year, but this year was particularly challenging and we are having construction related issues. We put the priorities on school related traffic control devices, but on occasion, things don’t work out as planned and we end up being delayed.”

Additional traffic control devices (stop signs, no parking signs, etc.) will also be installed in the weeks to come.  I will continue to monitor this project until completion.

Please drive carefully, and thank you for your patience.