Tim Sale/Kirkbridge/Stan Bailie Intersection Improvements

Update: Four-Way Stop Signs were put at the intersection.

My office has received many calls on improving the safety of the intersection of Time Sale Drive / Kirkbridge Drive / Stan Bailey – in close proximity to Ecole South Pointe School. In spring of 2018 we requested the Public Works department to conduct a traffic study to determine if an all-way stop sign is warranted at the intersection of Tim Sale Drive and Kirkbridge Drive. The department studied it and in the fall of 2018 produced a Kirkbridge Drive/Stan Bailie Drive and Tim Sale Drive All-Way Stop Control Report  and recommended:

  • That a signed and painted crosswalk be installed at the north leg of the intersection of Kirkbridge Drive/Stan Bailie Drive and Tim Sale Drive.

Since this installation, residents continue to contact my office with concerns that this is not adequate. I agree and have asked the department to study it further. You can see from the photo may vehicles do U-turns at this intersection, and the median on Tim Sale Drive just blends in to the concrete and is difficult to see. I expect the department will get back to me mid July 2019 with possible new solutions and will install over the summer.