$2.8M Construction – Pembina Highway Northbound from Ducharme to Cloutier Drive

Pembina Highway Northbound has been approved by the City of Winnipeg for construction this summer. It is anticipated that construction will begin in May 2018 and weather permitting, be completed by the middle of July 2018. This is the largest road project occurring in the South Winnipeg – St Norbert ward this season. There are many other road rehabilitation projects occurring but none that matches the $2.8M price tag. For details on other road projects see: 2018 Road Construction

The project will be done in stages and includes:
– Repair of the northbound lanes on Pembina Highway from Ducharme Ave. to Cloutier Dr.
– Restoration of private boulevards and approaches if impacted by construction.
– New construction of asphalt bike path and concrete sidewalk on the east boulevard along Pembina Highway ending at bike hub in just south of spray pad park.
– Partial replacement of curbs and median slabs along the Pembina Highway median.
– The placement of a new asphalt overlay to improve the drainage and rideability of the street.

During most of the construction period, the northbound lanes of Pembina Highway will be limited to one lane of traffic when crews are working to provide a safe work environment and room for construction equipment. Access to residences and businesses will be maintained whenever possible. Short closures of individual approaches may be necessary for repair work and we will contact you if that is required.  Some turning movements may be prohibited at individual median openings or approaches for short periods depending on the work performed. This is a $2.8 M project  – yet another year of construction on Pembina but is clearly needed!