Stadium Event Zone Parking Permit Program

In order to ensure the best experience for not only fans attending events at Investors Group Field, but also the residents in the community, a comprehensive Event Day Transportation and Parking Plan has been developed by the Winnipeg Football Club, the University of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg.

Key points of the Transportation and Parking Plan are:

  • Starting 90 minutes before the major event and up to 90 minutes after the event, access to the university campus is restricted;
  • Access for U of M permit holders will only be permitted through King’s Drive;
  • Parking in Winnipeg Football Club controlled parking lots will only be permitted for those in possession of game or event parking passes (can be pre-purchased or purchased on-site), with entry via University Crescent or Chancellor Matheson Road only;
  • Dedicated bus access via University Crescent;
  • To minimize disruption to the neighbourhood, parking is restricted in University Heights and Fort Richmond. Vehicles may be ticketed and/or towed if parked in these restricted areas;
  • Neighbourhood residents who live in the restricted parking areas are able to obtain “stadium event zone permits”.   See details below.


Stadium Event Zone Permit Program

Two Residential Restricted Parking Zones have been established by the City of Winnipeg to be in effect in the following areas during events at the Stadium:

  • The University Heights neighbourhood
  • Fort Richmond from the southern boundary of the campus to Dalhousie, Silverstone, Leach Street, Avila Avenue, Parkwood Place, King’s Drive to Kilkenny Drive, Patricia Avenue, and Kilkenny Drive from King’s Drive to Patricia Avenue

Residents whose addresses front on a street within the Residential Restricted Parking zone will be able to apply for a complimentary parking permit from the Winnipeg Parking Authority.  Two permits will be allowed per residence, and will be linked to specific licence plates.  For details on the application process, visit The Parking Store.

Additional Parking Information

For information regarding parking and other special permits available through the City of Winnipeg, visit Parking Information.

For info re the Investors Group Field Parking and Transportation Plan, visit the Investors Group Field website.

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