2018-2022 Councillor Term Summary – University Heights

This is a very very brief summary of key issues I’ve been working on specific to the University Heights neighbourhood, and initiatives that I look forward to working on. I am very thankful to have had the support of many many residents who’ve been also working to make our neighbourhoods safer, healthier and a great place to live and play! Thank you!


Neighbourhood Safety

  • Over the past four years, I’ve hosted multiple community events and produced videos on crime prevention, your role in crime prevention, what is happening in our neighbourhood and more.
  • To review many updates on crime, please go to www.JaniceLukes.ca and use the search engine and enter the word CRIME
  • The Waverley West ward is one of the safest areas of Winnipeg – but we still have crime. I will continue to host education events, and work with any groups of residents who want to develop a more detailed crime prevention plan for their neighbourhoods.


Development & University of Manitoba  – North Campus Lands

  • We’ve had some significant development occurring along University Crescent and behind Snow Road over the past few years. Construction is not always the most pleasant experience for long term residents.
  • I was pleased to hold a discussion of what was and wasn’t possible along University Crescent – between Pembina and Thatcher. See the Planning for the Future presentation.
  • The U of M’s North Campus Lands has been re-zoned and development will start next year. Fortunately – the initial development phases will not be on major roadways.
  • Thank you to residents who participated in the discussions of the development to ensure greenspace and the riverbank corridor will be protected. The developer is adamant about protecting greenspace and creating a walkable neighbourhood in this project.
  • To review many updates on the North Campus Lands, please go to www.JaniceLukes.ca and use the search engine and enter the words SOUTHWOOD GOLF COURSE


University Crescent Construction

  • Again, whether its building or road construction – there will always be some pain before the gain. Please know the engineers are acutely aware that future phases must start in the spring – vs mid August!
  • University Crescent is undergoing a major reconstruction. I was recently informed that the public works engineers anticipate construction will continue for the next two years (2023 and 2024)
  • You can more details at University Crescent Road Reconstruction.
  • University Heights has some of the oldest roads in the Waverley West ward, and the engineers continue to upgrade the deteriorating roads.


Tree Plantings & Benches

  • I’m continuing to partner with Naturalist Services to have trees planted along the riverbank to protect the riverbank and enable habitat improvement.
  • I plan to keep planting trees along the river bank and along Bishop Grandin over the next couple of years.
  • Benches are also planned to be installed along this area.