2024 UPDATE –  South Winnipeg Recreation Campus

The South Winnipeg Recreation Campus is being developed on a 19 acre site in Bison Run – just west of the new high school and elementary school. At full build out, the vision for the site includes a multi–generational recreation facility with an aquatic components, multiple gymnasiums, a community library, a twin arena, a community spray pad, and adjacent park space and athletic fields.  This facility is a REGIONAL facility, in that it is being designed to serve 120,000 people (see radius of population being served below). This is the first ever REGIONAL RECREATION FACILITY that the City of Winnipeg is building for a community. It is being designed to accommodate the surrounding area of 120,000 people, as per the Council Approved City of Winnipeg’s Strategic Recreation Plan.  You can see by the bar chart below, how the population of the Waverley West ward alone has grown over the past 5.5 years (2016 – 2021 Stats Canada Census). The fastest growing ward in the City!


  • 2009 to 2019:   a long detailed history but for purposes of this update I will highlight since 2019 forward
  • 2019:    A Class 5 estimate  – or accuracy of cost of construction estimate – was submitted to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ISIP)
  • 2020:   The Province directed the City to include a 200 space child care facility and a vocation school attached to the high school
  • 2021:   $89 Million was secured from the City, Province and Federal government through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ISIP)
  • 2022:   City awards contract to Diamond Schmitt Architects to do further design to refine the project and price to a Class 4 estimate – a more refined cost estimate. Public consultation occurred. SEE:  Public Engagement Website with Documents
  • 2023:   Architectural team develops master site plan including site of Fire Paramedical Hall (see blog photo) and develops are more refined price for construction
  • 2024:   A Class 4 estimate projects an additional $23 Million will be required to proceed with original plans for Phase One. See: April 2024 Financial Update.

PHASE ONE – South Winnipeg Recreation Campus:

Phase One plans are to build approx.. a 90,000 sq. feet building – and in alignment with the 2021 ISIP funding application, the design is incorporating:

  • three gymnasiums
  • a 200 metre walking track
  • fitness areas
  • multi-purpose rooms
  • associated change rooms and administrative spaces
  • an outdoor spray pad
  • a 200 space child care facility – the City is designing this facility
  • a vocational building attached to the high school – the Province has designed this facility


The funding estimate for the Phase One projects was compiled in 2019 and at a Class 5 estimate. City staff – and myself have always anticipated there would be an increase in funding and we fully expect this to be reflected in the April 2024 Financial Update. There are many factors that need to also be considered as much has impacted the cost of construction.

  1. Global pandemic is impacting supply chain access and costs
  2. Inflationary increases since the pandemic
  3. Provincial delay due to addition of Provincial child care and vocational school to ISIP application -delays cost money

A report will be coming forward in May providing funding options for Council to consider for Phase One. Ultimately Council will vote at the May Council meeting on how to fund the project going forward.  We simply cannot grow a community by 20,000 people and not service an area with a total population of 120,000 people. I am confident Council understands this and will proceed and support Phase One.


Over the past couple of years, all of these projects have all come in over the initial budget and have been funded. Many factors caused them to exceed budgets, and many are related to the fall-out from Covid; inflation, supply chain issues, etc.

  1. James Civic Centre (Facility Expansion)
  2. NEWPCC (Biosolids)
  3. James Civic Centre (Building Systems Upgrade)
  4. Old Exhibition Arena and Site Redevelopment
  5. WFPS Station 9
  6. Bonvital Pool Renewal
  7. North District Police Station
  8. NEWPCC Interim Phosphorous Removal
  10. NEWPCC (Power Supply and Headworks)