Another Step Forward Towards Developing The Former Southwood Golf Course

The University of Manitoba is announcing a Board of Directors to lead the development of the Southwood Lands (former Southwood Golf Course).  The Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan was approved in principle by the University Board of Governors on April 12, 2016.  Although the Plan provides a high level vision for Southwood development the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan will not guide development in Southwood.

The City of Winnipeg’s land use strategy Complete Communities has designated the Southwood Lands as a Major Redevelopment Site.  As part of this designation the City requires a specific planning process to occur prior to the development of these lands.  Detailed policy and design frameworks for Southwood will be addressed in a separate but complimentary Local Area Plan that will undergo City of Winnipeg Council approval process.

It is interesting to note:

  • The University of Manitoba ranks last among U15 institutions on campus bed/total student population ratio (U15=15 Canadian Research Universities)
  • Many European municipalities require a third of the housing built as part of any development to be market, a third affordable, a third social.
  • Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation, the developer, is incorporating affordable housing into new multifamily developments in the Neighbhourhoods of Bridgwater.
  • At this point, the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan does not vision affordable student housing into the development of the Southwood Lands

Thanks to U of M Today for covering this

Vital step in redeveloping Southwood Land taken

May 9, 2018 —


A board of directors, chaired by Robert (Bob) Silver [BSc/70], has been appointed by the Board of Governors to UM Properties GP Inc., which will lead the development of the Southwood Lands (a former golf course adjacent to the Fort Garry campus) into a vibrant, mixed-use, transit-centred neighbourhood.

Silver, a Distinguished Alumni Award recipient of the University of Manitoba, is president and co-owner of Western Glove Works, a Winnipeg based manufacturer of casual apparel; co-owner of clothing chain Warehouse One; and co-owner of the Winnipeg Free Press and the Brandon Sun newspapers. As the former chair of the University of Manitoba’s Smartpark, he played an integral role in developing this successful innovation and technology park.

The other directors of UM Properties GP Inc., include: Rick Adams, David Barnard, Steve Demmings, Bob Ellard, Diane Gray, and Lynn Zapshala-Kelln. The directors will ensure Southwood Lands’ development aligns with the principles articulated in the Visionary (re)Generation Master Plan, creating an outstanding learning and work environment, and forging connections that foster high impact community engagement.

“This mixed-use development will be a jewel in our city, attracting Winnipeggers alongside tourists, students and staff. Our goal is to transform this sector of the Fort Garry campus into a vibrant, environmentally-sustainable hub that will serve as an ideal example of a live-work-learn-play community,” said David Barnard, President and Vice-Chancellor at the University of Manitoba.