Anticipated Traffic Levels at Bison Drive and Waverley Street

It’s incredible to think that an entire new community can be built and there are no plans or studies underway to identify how the main ‘connector street’ and associated ‘intersection’ is to be designed.  Many many other streets (Lee Blvd, Bairdmore Blvd, Hawstead Rd and others) are taking on the traffic volumes because Bison Rd is not constructed to handle the vehicle capacity in the new community.

Due to planned development of  Waverley West B, Bison Rd. is being designed in two phases. Phase 1 of Bison Rd. (Kenaston to North Town Road) will be constructed in the next couple of years to service the two new schools and recreation campus. (see photo below)  As future development occurs, Phase 2 of Bison will be constructed.  This motion is to ensure the design and budget estimations can occur and will be included in future budgets. I am not sure when Phase 2 of Bison Rd. or the intersection will be constructed, but anticipate in the next 5-7 years, pending ongoing development.