King’s Park Upgrades – June 17 Community Meeting

King’s Park is a regional park in South Winnipeg.  As a regional park, it serves a greater area than a neighbourhood park. Like many other regional parks (St. Vital Park and Crescent Drive Park), funding is becoming available for upgrades.

Last winter, the City started a river bank restoration project that will continue this winter and prevent further loss of greenspace.  I would like to hear YOUR thoughts on how we can improve King’s Park in other ways.  The ‘Fields for Fido’ is staying!  But, would you like additional benches or garbage containers?  Upgraded fire pits?  A play structure – or no play structure ?  Our parks are a vital component of our community, and I want to meet directly with members of the community to gather your input.  Please join me and my staff at a King’s Park community meeting on June 17:

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Ecole St. Avila, 633 Patricia Avenue

Earlier this year in May, I held a transportation and parks open house at the Investors Group Field Stadium. At that meeting, we received some great feedback on King’s Park such as:

  • King’s Park would benefit with a tot playground – an asset to families having a fun picnic.
  • Yes, a play structure for families x3.
  • Natural play structures rather than plastic artificial ones that degrade over time and become dangerous.
  • Get waterfall working?  Yes!
  • What is the possibility of getting the water running – perhaps a well as a water source.
  • I’d love to see water in the pond and the waterfall flowing.
  • Cut down the saplings growing along the West side of the pond.
  • The lake is an integral part of the park.  Please fix the pump.  The waterfall was a great feature.
  • We need a healthy, attractive pond (as opposed to the grown-in weedy mess that is there now).
  • How do we get the water moving in the park?  It is good for wildlife.
  • Remove ugly concrete block pump house as it doesn’t do anything – no pump!
  • Keep the dog park!
  • Keep off leash area – a wonderful area for dogs and dog owners to enjoy.
  • Get rid of off-leash dog park (good dog park at Maple Grove across the river).  Dogs charge at walkers all over the paths.
  • Keep the dog park – winter plowing would help in the winter.  Tobogganing should be at own risk – not banned altogether!
  • Dogs need somewhere to play and be off leashes.  They too need freedom!!
  • Dogs, kids and people need open spaces!  Keep the off leash park.
  • Plow the walkways right after a snowfall.  Don’t wait until the walked-on snow is packed and slippery.
  • Cyclists and rollerbladers are sometimes aggressive and force pedestrians off pathway.
  • Fix problem of mud build-up on the path.
  • Runners, walkers, cyclists and others learn to share the park – not attack one another.  Be responsible.
  • In Monterey, California, there is a paved path for bikes and gravel for walking.  Winnipeg should do the same.
  • Is the path being fixed again that was damaged during river stabilization work?  It is dangerous to bike there now.
  • Absolutely no play structures in King’s Park.  New ones exist a block away.
  • No need for a play structure in a beautiful green space.  Play structures are at RKCC a block away!
  • No play structure, stay natural!
  • Please no play structure.  It’s a beautiful park and the more natural the better.
  • No play structure – there is a lovely one and green space at St. Avila School one block away.
  • No need for a play structure (there are many new ones in the neighborhood).
  • No need for play structure.  The one in Avila School is underused.
  • Spray the dandelions annually.  Get rid of them and bring back the grass better.
  • Volunteer program with City coordinating assistance to remove Burdock (Burdock are those tall burr plants).
  • The park needs to be free of the burrs!!
  • Slippery bridges – need better grip.
  • Bridges: Grade Steep – Universal access issue
  • Bridges: In winter, snow ice build-up on rubberized surface makes for slippery surface.
  • There are many deer in the Kilkenny/King’s Park area.  Signs should be erected to protect them – so drivers are careful especially at night.  What is being done to protect their habitat?
  • I’m really concerned about the wildlife – what are plans to protect them?  Deer, raccoon, groundhog, birds, geese?
  • Renovate washroom?
  • Port-a-potty for handicapped individuals at Hosta Garden Area!!
  • More picnic tables and benches x2.
  • Often outside eyes see advantages that we don’t.  King’s Park is a jewel that we should appreciate more!
  • Dead fallen trees in park could cause fire, make runners and walkers stumble, teens use fallen trees for fire.
  • New fencing for Natural Grass Prairie Area.
  • Interpretive Panel/Info – history/natural: What was King’s Park before it was a park?   Interpretation re: riverbank erosion, Oxbows, riverine forest, etc.
  • Will King’s Park be cleaned up after the riverbank build-up project?  It’s currently dangerous.
  • My kids LOVE the King’s Park rock waterfall area as a three season (Fall, Winter, Spring) play area.
  • Please create a safe way to access King’s Park from Kilkenny Drive.  My family and I love to bike around the park but it is hard to get to and feel safe with little ones walking and on bikes.
  • There are many trees in King’s Park that need attention.  Many have the contagious fungus and some are about to fall – dangerous branches ready to fall possibly on people’s heads!
  • Do nothing; leave it.  It is hard enough maintaining what is there!
  • Leave it alone – it’s lovely as a wild space!
  • Could we re-think the city permits for Rotary Club marathon on Sunday early morning; drumming was very annoying!?
  • Good job managing the park overall.  Keep improving.


What are your suggestions? Please join us on June 17 to share your ideas. If you are unable to attend, please E-Mail any suggestions to Bev, my Executive Assistant, at


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