U of Manitoba – Redevelopment of Former Southwood Golf Course

Council has approved the Secondary Plan that sets the stage for the redevelopment of the former Southwood golf course, now known as the North Campus Lands. In 2011, the University of Manitoba acquired the former Southwood golf course, with the vision to develop a complete, mixed-use neighbourhood serving students, staff, faculty, and the broader residential marketplace. Envisioned as an extension of the existing campus, the development of the North Campus Lands is intended to transform the current commuter campus into a sustainable live-work-learn-play mixed-use community.

The Proposed Plan provides vision, objectives and policies which support the establishment of a 10,000 dwelling unit mixed-use neighbourhood capitalizing on proximity to the Southwest Bus Rapid Transit line, and the University of Manitoba Fort Garry Campus over the next 40 years. The Proposed Plan recognizes that the University of Manitoba will retain ownership of their land in the Plan area, including infrastructure and most parks.

There are many highlights to this vision:

  • Housing for everyone, students, professors, and the public
  • Commercial development, grocery store, coffee shops, businesses
  • Protection of riverbank and naturalization to a wild life corridor
  • An entire 10% of the land dedicated to public park space, opening up access to lands that have been inaccessible for over a centure
  • Preservation of trees along fairways
  • High focus on transit and active transportation
  • And so much  more.

Development of this site has been in the works for over a decade and now, construction on phase one is anticipated to begin this year.  Development details for the first phase are expected to come to committee in the coming months and I will post details.

Details of City report and Secondary Plan

To see all supporting reports for the North Campus Lands, see January 18, 2021,  Agenda Item # 30