University of Manitoba – North Campus Lands Re-Zoning

On July 21, 2022 Council unanimously passed the sub division and rezoning of the North Campus Lands (formerly know as the Southwood Golf Course lands). For over 100 years, these lands were owned and operated as the Southwood Golf and Country Club

The total area (112.6 acres) has now been subdivided and rezoned. This is yet another huge milestone for the University of Manitoba.

You can see details of the plan, and learn where roads, pathways, parks, residential and commercial spaces are to be located. There are MANY highlights to this plan – I’ll list a few but encourage you to read the entire overview.

Highlights of  North Campus Lands

  • No single family homes will be constructed on the property
  • A wide range of multi family homes will be built, with multiple high rises ranging from 15-20 stories high
  • The minimum parking requirement shall be 50 percent of the requirements of the Winnipeg Zoning By-law on three quarters of the 112.6 acres
  • There will be three parks, which will have a total area of approximately 8.7 acres. This is in addition to 7.5 acres of privately-owned greenspace enabling approximately 16.2 acres of greenspace within the proposed development – more than is required by the bylaws.
  • The developer will construct separated multi use pathways on both sides of University Crescent with lighting. The east side pathway is anticipated to be constructed in 2023.
  • A road will not be connecting to D’Arcy drive, to allow protection of the riverbank
  • The riverbank will be naturalized to allow for an animal corridor. A plaza type viewing area will also be developed near the riverbank for public viewing.

Again, I encourage you to read the report as there are many more highlights. The lands will be leased to developers, and underground servicing, roads and pathways will start next year. (noting the University will own and maintain the roads and pathways, as they do now on campus)

The developer is UM Properties.