Chancellor Apartments

UPDATE January 2023:  939 Chancellor Drive

The City approved a request to change the parking ratio to 0.63 stalls per unit, and to allow a lower level unit facing parking lot. Also noting:  36 indoor bicycle parking spots will be provided and 38 of the 95 proposed dwelling units will be affordable under the CMHC criteria.

See developer presentation on 939 Chancellor Drive

December 20, 2021

The subject site is located on Chancellor Drive, at the northwest corner of Chancellor Drive and Gaylene Place. The site is currently made up of three (3) separate lots each contain a duplex dwelling constructed in 1962 and is zoned “R2” Residential Two-Family. The site has been rezoned  to an “RMF-L” Residential Multi-Family (Large) District.

The applicant will be demolishing the existing duplex dwellings and constructing  a new multi-family residential building. The building will contain 95 residential units, and will be seven (7) storeys in height. Sample floor plans submitted by the applicant show that the building will contain a mix of studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The principal entrance to the proposed building is oriented to Chancellor Drive, and is connected to the public sidewalk by a walkway. The applicant proposes to provide vehicular access to the subject site from a bidirectional approach from Gaylene Place, on the easterly portion of the subject property, and will be providing a total of 77 parking stalls. Forty three stalls will be located underground and the remaining 34 stalls will be located at the rear of the subject property. In addition, 34 bicycle parking spots will also be included.

The site is located approximately 500 feet (152 metres) from the Chancellor station of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor.

  • The Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor is a $600 million investment in transit with one of the goals to see increased development along the corridor. The Corridor has been 10 years in the making, and will change many neighbourhoods along the route.
  • During the weekday AM  peak period (between 6-9 AM), a total of 28 northbound buses are scheduled to stop at this station (stop no. 61212).
  • In the PM peak period (between 3-6 PM) there are 32 buses that serve this stop.
  • During the weekday AM peak period for southbound Chancellor Station (stop no. 61213), there are 29 buses coming through the station.
  • In the PM peak period there are 30 buses coming from Downtown, arriving at this southbound stop.
  • In addition to the Rapid Transit line at Chancellor Station, eastbound and westbound bus stops are located on Chancellor Drive within 330 feet (101 metres) of the proposed development. These stops feature daily service on neighbourhood feeder routes 676 and 693.

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