Future Build-Out of Bison Drive

The City of Winnipeg is required to update its Transportation Master Plan every five years. The City is in the process of reviewing and updating it, and are undertaking a largescale, multi-component study that involves in-depth, evidence-based research and analysis as well as extensive public and stakeholder engagement.  I moved a motion that directed the Winnipeg Public Service to  incorporate the planning, build-out and budgeting of the future of Bison Drive into the Transportation Master Plan. For more details on the upcoming public consultation – See Transportation Master Plan 2050. Again, I find it somewhat incredible that the traffic engineers have not already worked this intersection into future transportation plans, and I have to bring forward a motion directing them to.

By incorporating it into the Transportation Master Plan, this will ensure the intersection becomes part of the budget process, and will be scheduled for future funding. It is important to note that four landowners/developers  are contributing to the cost of the Bison Waverley intersection (Manitoba Housing , Qualico, City of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba).