Gull and Markham

UPDATE April 2024: 

The land is zoned and ready for development, but the developer has not yet made an application to the City to proceed with development.

UPDATE:  November  20, 2022:

During the public hearing, many residents came forward and were concerned about the traffic volume and speed on Markham Road and Gull Lake Road. I requested a further study by the city’s transportation engineers and the report was recently published. This report will provide us excellent baseline data before the development is constructed.

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The apartments will be located  at the northeast corner of Markham Road and Gull Lake Road, adjacent to the CN Lettelier Subdivision Railway and the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor and Station at Markham Road to the east of the site. The site has a total lot area of 105,445 square feet, and is currently vacant and undeveloped. The property was initially zoned Residential Multi Family – Small “RMF-S” and through the subdivision and rezoning process, was rezoned to RMF-L” Residential Multi-Family (Large) District.

The development involves subdividing and rezoning a parcel of vacant and undeveloped land to establish 2 lots for the development of multi-unit residential dwellings.

  • Lot 1 plans will establish a 4 storey building with a total of 80 units and a building height of 47 feet to the tallest point of a moderately sloped roof. There will be a total of 84 vehicle parking stalls and 34 bike parking stalls (16 exterior and 18 interior).
  • Lot 2 will establish an 8  storey building with a total of  a total 138  units with 122 parking stalls and 44 bike parking stalls. Two car share vehicles will also be provided for use by residents.

This was a difficult subdivision and rezoning for area residents, and myself – as it will fundamentally change the dynamics of the immediate neighbourhood.  The development is located on a street and across from a street with single family homes.  A development with this height and density is solely being approved because if its proximity to the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor. As noted above, the site is:

  • Located approximately 500 feet (152 metres) from the Chancellor station of the Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor.
  • The Southwest Rapid Transit Corridor is a $600 million investment in transit with one of the goals to see increased development along the corridor. The Corridor has been 10 years in the making, and will change many neighbourhoods along the route.
  • On this particular site, during the weekday AM peak period (between 6-9 AM), a total of 28 northbound buses are scheduled to stop at this station (stop no. 61212).
  • In the PM peak period (between 3-6 PM) there are 32 buses that serve this stop.
  • During the weekday AM peak period for southbound Chancellor Station (stop no. 61213), there are 29 buses coming through the station.
  • In the PM peak period there are 30 buses coming from Downtown, arriving at this southbound stop.
  • In addition to the Rapid Transit line at Chancellor Station, eastbound and westbound bus stops are located on Chancellor Drive within 330 feet (101 metres) of the proposed development. These stops feature daily service on neighbourhood feeder routes 676 and 693.

I will be working with residents to address existing traffic calming issues that were brought up in the discussions.

Final design on the building will be presented at a future Plan Approval meeting.

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