Traffic Study – Chancellor Drive

Chancellor Drive is a busy street with two elementary schools located at either end. Residents were calling concerned about the number of speeding vehicles on Chancellor. On May 7, 2018, I moved a motion to have the Winnipeg Public Service conduct a traffic study to determine if traffic calming devices are warranted.

When the report  (see Full report) was published, results found that traffic calming devices were not required, but some additional signage was required to identify no stopping areas by the crosswalks and playground signs needed to be installed.

The traffic study of Chancellor Drive between Markham Road and Chancellor Drive finds that traffic volumes are reasonable for a residential collector street, and that traffic speeds are reasonable for the 50 km/h and 30 km/h speed limits. Based on the results of this traffic study, the following actions will be taken by the Public Service:
1. No physical traffic calming measures will be implemented at this time.
2. 15 metre No Stopping Anytime signs will be installed on the west side of Chancellor Drive, north of Augusta Drive at the school crosswalk in front of Arthur A. Leach Junior High school.
3. The existing Playground signs will be relocated to give improved warning to drivers approaching the play structure at Waverley Heights Community Centre.