Traffic Study – Chancellor Drive

In May 2018 I moved a motion:

WHEREAS two elementary schools, Bonnycastle School and Arthur A. Leach School, as well as Waverley Heights Community Centre are located on Chancellor Drive (north and south) between Chancellor Drive (east and west) and Markham Road;

AND WHEREAS Chancellor Drive (north and south) is a primary connecting route for Waverley Heights to major destinations;

AND WHEREAS there are significant volumes of traffic using this route and the residential community, school communities and community centers believe there is excessive speeding occurring on Chancellor Drive (north and south);

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works direct the Winnipeg Public Service to conduct a traffic study when students are in school to determine if Chancellor Drive (north and south) meet speed table criteria, and install appropriate traffic calming devices.

The public works department studied the speed and concluded:

  • No new traffic calming measures are required on Chancellor Drive between Markham Road and Chancellor Drive at this time.
  • During the traffic study, two signage deficiencies were observed. Using current program funds, the existing Playground signs will be relocated for improved driver expectancy, and new “No Stopping Anytime” signs will be installed at the Arthur A. Leach Junior High crosswalk for better driver visibility.

See results of entire study HERE