Canada Post Outdoor Parcel Lockers Coming to Waverley West

Photo: Outdoor Parcel Locker (right) beside a Community Mailbox (left)

Canada Post is installing Outdoor Parcel Lockers in the Waverley West ward in response to the large growth in online shopping and e-commerce. These new Outdoor Parcel Lockers will be installed in June 2021, weather permitting.

Canada Post has begun installing Outdoor Parcel Lockers, located beside existing Community Mail Boxes, throughout the country. These parcel lockers have 6 compartments that vary in size and provide a more convenient way for customers to receive their parcels. Specifically, customers will be able to pick up their parcels from compartments in the Outdoor Parcel Lockers when they pick up their mail from their Community Mailboxes (rather than receiving a notice to pick up the item at a retail outlet).

Based on parcel volume and other criteria, Canada Post has chosen to install Outdoor Parcel Lockers at the following existing CMB sites in the Waverley West ward:

  • Across from 128 Shillingstone Road
  • Across from 39 Hillberry Bay
  • Across from 46 Pincarrow Road
  • Across from 70 Saxon Bay
  • Across from 82 Burlington Bay
  • At Lee Boulevard (west of Waverley)
  • Side of 32 Brodick Court

All of the customers that pick up their mail at these locations will be contacted over the next few weeks and advised of the new Outdoor Parcel Lockers. Weather permitting, Canada Post would like to have the lockers installed over the course of the summer.

  • Please note, that Canada Post will be installing additional parcel lockers at other locations over the course of the summer.

If you have any questions, please contact Canada Post representative:

Ronuk Modha

Manager, Government and Community Affairs (Manitoba & Saskatchewan)

Tel: 204-987-5100 ext. 75515


Upgrading Community Mailboxes

Canada Post is also upgrading many of its existing CMBs (Community Mailboxes) with newer models that are designed for better safety and security. These new CMBs rest on sturdy base fastened to a concrete pad that are designed move slightly which makes them more resistant to any potential impact or tampering. In addition, the base is narrow which allows snow to be cleared more easily.