Pop Up Pooch Park in Waverley West Ward

I’ve received many requests to install an off leash dog park in the Waverley West ward.  This is a challenge because all the land designated for public parks space is designated for humans and not specifically for an off leash dog park. Doggies are allowed but only if they are on a leash. So, I’ve been in discussions with land owners in the newer neighbourhoods west of Waverley to see if there is a possibility of leasing a piece of land for a TEMPORARY off leash ‘Pop Up Pooch Park’!  There are pieces of land that will not be developed for multiple years (5-10 years) and I am investigating the possibility of installing a temporary enclosed off leash dog park.

  • IF a temporary off leash dog park were to be installed, the City and I would require an organization to form to provide stewardship and guidance in the park’s development AND ultimately play a role in oversight, clean ups, activities and general involvement.

An off leash park could not proceed unless a stewardship group of residents formed. There are many residents that have come together to form organizations to better our community : i.e.: South Pointe Community Garden, many of our Neighbourhood Associations (Bridgwater Trails, Lakes, Forest, South Pointe, Prairie Point, etc.) Gathering a group of doggie loving residents should be completely possible!

Maple Grove has a doggie volunteer association that oversees the Maple Grove Dog Park, I have good contacts with the Kilcona Park dog friends if we need advice. Please know I will help to get things going.



If you are interested in helping establish an off leash dog park in the Waverly West Ward, please sign up for a Zoom meeting.  This meeting is open to residents living in the neighbourhoods of the Waverley West Ward

REGISTER: You can register by emailing register@janicelukes.ca

  • Please provide your name and address and we will send you a Zoom link for this initial discussion, to be held on:
    • Date:  Tuesday, June 21st (apologies that we had to reschedule to this new date)
    • Time:  7:00 p.m.
    • Location:  Zoom

These are the off leash dog parks that are close to the Waverly West Ward:

The City of Winnipeg has 13 off-leash dog parks locate throughout the City – see Off Leash Dog Parks.

Specific to the Waverley West Ward, the two closest larger off leash dog parks are located at:

We also have two locations to let your doggies run in outdoor hockey rinks – a much smaller area, but still a lot of fun!

South Winnipeg Community Centre:

  • Ryerson Site: 577 Dalhousie Drive
  • Waverley Site: 1885 Chancellor Drive