Portable Fire Paramedic Hall – Opening Fall 2024

See an artists drawing of what the new portable fire paramedic hall will look like and the site location at 130 Eaglewood Drive.  This location is TEMPORARY until the permanent fire hall is constructed.

Work will begin mid summer on the portable fire paramedic hall site to lay the pad which the portable will sit on. Hydro and water will be installed. The parking lot will also be constructed this summer. This portable building is under construction and will be shipped to the site by late summer and put into action.  Currently fire paramedic staff are working out of the Waverley site to serve Waverley West but will move into the portable late fall.

  • The portable Fire Paramedic Hall will be in place for two  years providing service to the community while the new permanent fire hall is being constructed.

When the portable fire paramedic hall is moved off site to the next hall renovation, the City parks department will be constructing a small maintenance yard. The facility will have public washrooms and a public water fountain. This will be a great addition to the site for all the soccer players and visitors to the playground.