Scurfield Medical Clinic

This development is located on the north side of Scurfield Boulevard, in the Whyte Ridge Neighbourhood. The main floor of the subject building is currently vacant. The developer renovated the existing one-storey place of worship building on the site. The building now contains a specialized medical centre on the main floor, and a day care centre in the basement level.

The medical centre on the main floor replaced a place of worship use, which had been contained in the building since the late 1980s. The day care centre had operated in the basement of the subject building for a number of years. A number of renovations to the building exterior and changes to the property, including upgrades to the existing parking areas, landscaping, and garbage facilities happened to ready the clinic.

The property has a total of 73 accessory parking stalls. Of the 73 parking stalls, six (6) are accessible stalls and one (1) is van accessible stall. Additionally, six (6) stalls are designated as short-term parking spaces (15 minutes maximum), designated for day care pick-up and drop-off operations. There are also a total of eight (8) outdoor bicycle parking stalls.

For more details, please see 201 Scurfield Blvd