Scurfield Park Upgrades

Scurfield Park is a well-loved greenspace that is in need of long overdue upgrades. It’s a large park so I’ve been working with the Parks Department to ensure an upgrade occurs each year.  Last year I upgraded the entrance signage to Whyte Ridge – at the park entrance on Columbia and Scurfield. Also over the past two years, I’ve focused on upgrading the pathways. This year we will upgrading the existing lighting along the pathway, and improving the pathway along the pond and the connection by Whyte Ridge School.  We are installing in gravel this year and hope to asphalt the surfacing next year.

Some large trees had to be removed. The tree’s roots are destroying the pathways and creating dangerous tripping hazards for people. I don’t like to remove trees but they were creating a serious safety hazard. We will be replacing the trees, and adding an additional row of trees along a section of new pathway in the Prospect Rd  area. This variety of trees are also on the playgrounds at HGI school and cause many tripping incidents.

I’m working to improve overall accessibility in Whyte Ridge and are focusing on the following projects:

  • Accessible Swings installed in Don Smith Park this year
  • Accessible entrance and upgrades to Whyte Ridge Community Center

In addition, I am also having all park signs upgraded to the new standard which includes the address and 311 number for emergencies.  If you have any park upgrade suggestions, please feel free to contact me at: