Scurfield Turning Signal

There has been an increase in car dealerships on Waverley Street which has increased the traffic using Scurfield Boulevard. The nearby Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology has increased its campus size which has also led to an increase in traffic volumes. There has been additional commercial development accessing Scurfield Boulevard. Westbound Scurfield traffic volumes do not have sufficient time for a left turn onto Kenaston Boulevard, resulting in vehicles navigating the turn on yellows and sometimes red lights.

Therefore, on March 3, 2021, I moved a motion directing the Winnipeg Public Service to determine if a left turn signal is warranted for westbound traffic turning left from Scurfield Boulevard, south onto Kenaston Boulevard.

The Public Service determined it was necessary, and in record time installed a turn signal in mid-April 2021.  A domino effect though was to reduce a north bound turning lane for residents leaving Whyte Ridge on Scurfield Blvd. The Public Works department will be monitoring to see if there are long line up for north bound traffic and if so, will increase the turn signal light timing.