Students Secure Accessible Swing Set for Classmates

We have a super exciting project occurring because of a very thoughtful team of active and engaged students at HGI School in Whyte Ridge! Lili and Leilani, along with Mrs. Menzies have been working with classmates to raise money to install an accessible swing, a toddler swing, four leather strap swings and a memorial bench in Don Smith Park.

These ambitious girls contacted me last year wanting to see how they could get accessible swing installed so that some of their classmates could also swing with them. We had multiple meetings discussing location, colors, design and more. They were very concerned that every aspect of the project be accessible for their classmates. They also wanted to install a bench in memory of Anisa Sadeghi, a classmate of theirs who was on the Iranian plane that crashed earlier this year. Covid-19 slowed down the meetings down a bit, but the project continued to move forward! We are very pleased that the Province of Manitoba is providing funding to the Parent Council, so, combined with the funding the students and school raised, and the City’s contribution, we will be proceeding this summer with the swing set and bench!