Traffic Study – McGillivray Boulevard And Front Street

On May 7, 2019 – The Assiniboia Community Committee passed the following motion:

WHEREAS within the past five years significant new commercial development has occurred on McGillivray Boulevard west of Kenaston, both within and outside of City limits;

AND WHEREAS the Whyte Ridge neighbourhood south of McGillivray Boulevard continues to see an increase in multifamily developments, places of worship, and active transportation paths which connect the north and south sides of McGillivray Boulevard;

AND WHEREAS Brady Road has experienced increased traffic as motorists use the road as an access point to the Whyte Ridge neighbourhood;

AND WHEREAS the FortWhyte Alive nature centre located on the north side of McGillivray Boulevard continues to add new features on site, including bike trails;

AND WHEREAS the current speed limit on McGillivray Boulevard is 70 km/hr. which makes it extremely dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the intersection of Front Street and McGillivray Boulevard to enter FortWhyte Alive;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Assiniboia Community Committee recommend to the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works:

  1. That the Winnipeg Public Service be directed to conduct a traffic study along McGillivray Boulevard between Brady Road and Kenaston Boulevard, to determine where a controlled pedestrian crossing could be installed in order to connect the Whyte Ridge neighborhood with FortWhyte Alive;
  2. That the Winnipeg Public Service consult with the Province of Manitoba regarding the traffic study, and include the consultation in the report back to the Standing Committee.

PLEASE NOTE: the department will be studying speed, intersections and all aspects of the section of City roadway to see if safety can be improved.

SEE REPORT HERE: Traffic Study – McGillivray and Front Street