Traffic Study – Kenaston Common Drive and McGillivray Boulevard

June 9, 2022 Update:

A left turn signal will be installed summer 2022 at the intersection of Kenaston Common Drive and McGillivray Blvd. This left turn signal will reduce the number of vehicles turning on an amber or red light, and will improve traffic flow in the area. See details: Left Turn Signal at McGillivray Boulevard from Kenaston Common

May 4, 2022 Update:

The Public Service conducted a traffic study to see if a left turn signal was warranted (met transportation criteria). See details of the Kenaston Common Drive and McGillivray Boulevard traffic study. You will note that the study reveals two criteria must be met to allow the installation of the left turn signal.

Criteria ‘a’ is met:

a) The left turn demand must exceed two vehicles per signal cycle (60 vehicles per hour) for at least four hours of a typical weekday. This warrant criterion is met. The left turn demand is 7 – 8 vehicles per signal cycle which greatly exceeds the requirement of two vehicles per signal cycle.

And criteria ‘b’ is 5 % short of being met in:

b) More than 25% of the left-turning volume must be delayed by more than one signal cycle during the highest hour during the peak traffic period. During the weekend peak period approximately 20% of the left-turning volume is delayed by more than one signal cycle.

BUT because the traffic study was done during summer and peak COVID times (July 21),  I am in discussions with the Public Works Committee to allow the left turn signal as criteria is so close to being met. I will receive confirmation one way or the other at the June 9th Public Works Committee meeting and will provide the update.

The Costco on Kenaston Common has recently expanded their parking lot to accommodate an increase in customers. South bound Kenaston Common traffic volumes do not have sufficient time for a left turn onto McGillivray Blvd. resulting in vehicles navigating the turn on yellows and sometimes red lights.

Therefore, on May 3, 2021, I moved a motion directing the Public Service to determine if the following is warranted:

  1. A left turn signal for traffic turning eastbound onto McGillivray Boulevard from Kenaston Common Drive;
  2. Allowing both southbound lanes on Kenaston Common Drive to turn left onto McGillivray Boulevard.

On November 5, 2021, the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works granted an extension of time of 120 days.