Traffic Study – McGillivray Boulevard and Front Street

McGillivary Blvd. from Kenaston to almost McCreary Rd. is City owned. The Province owns the section from McCreary Rd to the South Perimeter. Over the years, McGillivary Blvd. has seen a tremendous increase in development, and traffic. Speed limits on the majority of McGillivary are 80 km/hr and a greater percentage of traffic is commercial vehicles (construction trucks, semi-trucks, farm equipment and more). Making turns off McGillivary is incredibly difficult because there is no break in the tremendous volume of traffic – there are no lights or stop signs to allow a break. Also, many people from Whyte Ridge or a nearby bike path are trying to cross McGillivary to access Fort Whyte Alive Nature Center.

On May 7, 2019, I moved a motion directing the Winnipeg Public Service:

  1. to conduct a traffic study along McGillivray Boulevard between Brady Road and Kenaston Boulevard, to determine where a controlled pedestrian crossing could be installed in order to connect the Whyte Ridge neighborhood with FortWhyte Alive;
  2. consult with the Province of Manitoba regarding the traffic study, and include the consultation in the report back to the Standing Committee;
  3. Examine speed and intersection safety, in consultation with the area Councillor. ( May 28, 2019 amendment)

In working with Reeve Brad Erb, from the RM of McDonald, I was told traffic lights would be installed on the Provincial section at the intersection of the two new industrial parks – at South Landing Drive. A specific date was not provided, but Reeve Erb thinks installation may occur in 2020. This will be a positive move as the lights will then allow for breaks in traffic  – which will allow people to navigate turns into the businesses in a much safer manner.

On April 21, 2020, the Public Service responded (see Full report). The highlights are:

    1. Transportation will be keeping in touch with Manitoba Infrastructure with regards to signal installation at either McGillivray & McCreary or Mc Gillivray & South Landing Business Park.
    2. Once MI has notified the City of their installation plans, the City will proceed with determining which traffic control installation will be most ideal leading into Fort Whyte Alive
    3. Transportation will review the McGillivray corridor (west limit to Pembina) for speeds limit appropriateness and consistency